Tres Joli Tuesdays: Anike as color inspiration


This Tres Joli Tuesdays we're featuring Anike, one of the new shining stars of our Brand New Aduni "The Sweetness" collection. This collection comes from listening to our Grand fans needs, and it offers beautiful, exotic and affordable invitations. Ijorereans have the option to purchase the "base" set for as low as $5 for a five piece suite!!! In addition, you can also customize the invitations by adding one or many of the amazing options available: BLING It, PRESS It, CUT It, LINE It or ADDRESS It. Can you imagine how gorgeous ANIKE would look as a Letterpress card? Or even with some strategically placed laser cuts? Let's take a look at the inspiration behind ANIKE…



Our process starts with a sketch by our Art Director and CEO Ola. As the IJORERE team works on bringing this to life, we try to look at the most innovative and beautiful trends out there, specially to bring color to our creations. Anike has a lovely coral/gold palette that was developed thanks to a pool of diverse inspiration.




Hurry up and pick up this beautiful set! The IJORERE team is ready to make your wedding or celebration a true GRAND DAY!


Carmen E.  – IJORERE Memoirs 
May your day be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND!

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