Here's the thing, I LOVE architecture. I can't believe almost 2 years ago, I left a 19 year career in design & construction, to become an invitation expert & owner of an event venue in downtown Elgin. Though I have no regrets of following my new creative passions, I really miss my 1st love, architecture. I've come up with the perfect solution of how I can combine my 1st love with my new ones; blog about them.

This new year, look forward to more reads on what truly inspires and tantalizes my creative senses, view fantastic visuals on architecture, interior designs and of course IJORERE The Invitation. Welcome to 2015! 

Images by: Arch Daily


This gorgeous 'would be' building is designed to be the 1st sustainable mixed-use condominium in Miami. And yes, those are wind turbines you see incorporated, for natural cooling, to this 400' tall structure! Read more about it HERE1 1288983085-cor-2-886x1000 1288982748-cor-drawing-elevation-4-772x1000 1288982744-cor-drawing-elevation-3-772x1000 1288982736-cor-drawing-elevation-1-772x1000



Nothing is as pleasurable to my eyes till I see some cool African Art & Design. I like the unusual, Hate the cliché…and sometimes when I feel as though I have seen it all…here comes THE SEEK PROJECT. This is NOT cliché just real cool African Designs. Their art displays a cool mix of bold graffiti & edgy African art.

I just LOVE seeing Africans like myself doing all the different & creative things we do and doing it well! Check out THE SEEK PROJECT at

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of Course you Knew I would show an Invitation by TSP…after all this is IJORERE!
The Invitation
Karo, Thanks for putting me up on what’s going on in Naija…It’s Sweet! Real sweet! It’s been a while since I’ve been back home…and now I have yet another reason to pay “home” a visit!