Poppy & Ballerina Impressionist wedding inspiration

How do I begin to convey how beautifully put together this wedding inspiration turned out to be? Previously, I gave you a preview of what was to come, but the end results, which got us FEATURED in one of the top viewed wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes, was well beyond my expectations.

Photographer, Kristin La Voie, connected with me last year about partnering to do a shoot that was reminiscent of the impressionist era. She didn’t have to convince me any further, I jumped right on board and told her not only would I love to participate as an event venue, but also design & create the stationery that went along with this unique theme.

The attention to detail, hard work & dedication put into achieving this shoot, amongst an amazing set of wedding industry friends was worth every last investment.

Kio Kreation described it best : For this project we were inspired by French Impressionist ballerina paintings, gorgeous floral arrangement still life paintings by the Masters and the delicate beauty of poppies. Poppies were the focus of the bouquets for both the bride and maid of honor. The bride a presentation-style arm bouquet (much like a ballerina would carry after a performance) featuring poppies, garden roses, tulips, ranunculus and jasmine vine. The maid of honor carried a rounded nosegay of similar flowers with an ivory tulle “tutu” collar. The color palette was driven by the array of colors poppies come in naturally: oranges, yellows, peach, coral, white, and reds. For the ceremony, a watercolor embroidery hoop backdrop was designed using the colors of this poppy palette.

Feast your eyes on all the delicious visuals below and if that is not enough for you, see more of this Poppy & Ballerina inspired wedding editorial feature on Green Wedding Shoes 

Photography: Kristin La Voie Photography

Venue: Ola la Ijorere

Floral: Kio Kreations

Cake: The Sugar Path

Invitation: IJORERE The Invitation

Linen: The Chair Couture,Inc

Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Cristine

HMUA: Dual Attraction & Sheri Cox MUA

Bridal Wear:  Mignonette Bridal

IJORERE The Invitation, Inc. 


Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-1 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-53 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-64 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-84 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-112 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-122 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-27 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-47 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-136 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-138 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-34 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-35 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-128Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-76 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-145 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-48 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-121 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-142 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-83 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-158 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-26 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-132



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