Niche is a Need

I recently spoke at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s called The Art of Stationery conference and it’s the first of its kind offering educational workshops, resources, and how-tos’, helping elevate creative businesses specifically for Stationers.

I wish this kind of platform was available when I started my custom stationery business twelve years ago. Oh! of all the mistakes I made, but I digress.

My talk to the attendees was on the importance of finding your niche and delegating. I’ll discuss delegating in my next memoir. For now, let’s talk about niching.

Being a niche service requires asserting yourself. Think of niching like positioning yourself to be irreplaceable. Whether you have a 9-5 or you’re an entrepreneur like myself, you want to be in a position that offers a unique skill set or service, so that people always NEED you. It is indeed one of the tricks I learned very early on in my 15 year career as a young black female architect and is also how I sustain my business today.

So, how am I niching my business currently? When I left my venue in downtown Elgin behind, it gave me time to focus fully on what I did best; creating clever ‘need-based’ ideas. I started with the launch of my ready to order collection. It was a solution for clients that loved my work but wanted invitations that were obtainable/affordable. I selected the most popularly requested custom designs I had created over the years, simplified the existing design files, and then launched the ready to order. Needless to say, it was a GRAND hit!

Shortly after I came up with the idea of personalized suede covered vow cases. Undeniably, this unique and original idea helped set me apart from the rest. We all agree that we live in a tech era and though vow books are still romantic as flowers, I understand the convenience of keeping valuable sentiments in the cloud versus writings on paper that inevitable becomes fray or even worse, lost right before exchanging of vows! Believe me, I can tell you some BTS wedding nightmares! So why not have your vow exchanged from your phones, but keep it classy by placing them in personalized suede phone cases, like these handsome pair below?


And of course, if you receive my newsletters, by now you know about Notenclutch.

Bottomline, I come up with clever and/or unique ideas that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, solves a problem, but most importantly, is a NEED…or better yet, is a NICHE.

Let me help you visualize a little better on what I’m saying here – see this image of pencils. Are you amongst the black pencils or are you a red pencil?

I’m a red pencil. Are you?

May your day be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND!

Ola M. 

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