Metallic People

Exquisite Photos of Dancers Photographed in Metallic Body Paint will Inspire You

Italian photographer Guido Argentini takes the human form to a whole new level with his photos of painted dancers.

Back in 1995, photographer Guido Argentini was inspired to photograph a model coated in silver body paint . Nearly twenty years and countless shoots later, Argentini has prepared a collection of this work in a new book titled ARGENTUM.

“I always felt that photography was too close to reality. Painting and sculpture allow you to be more abstract when working with the human figure. My love for dance and for sculpture inspired this series of photographs,” says Argentini.

Keep scrolling to see a preview of the work featured in ARGENTUM

BELISAMA-860x864 CASSANDRA-AND-CLYTEMNESTRA-860x852 ANAHITA-860x860 APHRODITE-860x609 CYBELE-860x870 ELEN-860x860 COVENTINA-860x865 ARTEMIS1-860x860 AGLAEA-860x872 ALBION-860x860 ELECTRA-860x860 Heimarmene-860x860-2 EOS-860x866 DIONE-860x872 DEMETER-AND-PERSEPHONE-860x798


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