Coming Up This Valentine’s Day

At Ola la! IJORERE, we’re celebrating love all month long. If you’re out of creative and new ways to show your loved one how much they mean to you, we have a few sweet ideas up our sleeves to make this year’s Valentine’s Day a GRAND one!

3 things you can do to make this February all about LOVE:

1. Attend one of our Creative Events ~ Painting Socials at Ola la!
photos by Jorelle Gates Photography

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Rhythms Art - Wine Night (37 of 203)

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We’ve created the perfect ambience for you and your loved one. An entertaining and relaxing evening full of laughter, creativity, and a masterpiece painted by YOU, with a little help from our fabulous instructors of course! All painting materials are provided when you sign up. Just bring a bottle or two of your favorite wine or beverage.

Links to our upcoming LOVE socials below:
Heart Doodles – Thursday, February 11 – 6:30PM
Array of Love – Sunday, February 14 – 3:00PM
Cup O’Love – Thursday, February 25 – 6:30PM


2. Plan a special Valentine’s Day proposal


There isn’t a more romantic day to ask for the love of your life’s hand in marriage.
Go the old school route by getting a truckload of rose petals, a bottle of champagne, and (LOTS) of candles to set the mood. Who could resist such a timeless romantic gesture?
Count down the days to Valentine’s Day with a variety of special treats; flowers, a trip to the spa, better yet, attend an afternoon Valentine’s day painting event at Ola la!, with complimentary gourmet chocolates and end it all with a home cooked meal and her/his favorite wine before you pop! the question.
Take a last minute getaway trip with just you and your love. Escape the cold of Chicago by spending a weekend somewhere warm, a romantic stroll by the beach side or check in at a luxury hotel. Spontaneous vacations is sure to delight her/him and give you a chance for a private, intimate proposal.

After making it official, be sure to contact us for a tour to reserve our space for your wedding and create your dream wedding invitations!

3. Write a handwritten LOVE letter
photos by Tarji Michelle Photography
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A text just doesn’t cut it on Valentine’s Day! Sit down, and surprise your love with a hand written letter OR send us an email with a message for your sweetheart to convert YOUR message into a beautiful, handwritten letter that we then place in our signature wooden LOVE boxes. This makes for a perfect gift treasured for generations to come.

We hope you have a February full of love and romance this year.

May your day be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND!

Emma Duvernay | IJORERE Team


Banana and Bean Launch Party

Last month, Ola la! IJORERE hosted a classy, entertaining evening for Banana and Bean Events as they kicked off their event planning business. Our space at Ola la! is versatile and can be molded to fit any style of event. Take a look at these beautiful photos by Kelly Vanderploeg Photography!

Invitation designed & provided by IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.

Floral arrangements by Avant Gardenia.

May your day be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND!

Emma Duvernay | IJORERE Team




























Poppy & Ballerina Impressionist wedding inspiration

How do I begin to convey how beautifully put together this wedding inspiration turned out to be? Previously, I gave you a preview of what was to come, but the end results, which got us FEATURED in one of the top viewed wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes, was well beyond my expectations.  

Photographer, Kristin La Voie, connected with me last year about partnering to do a shoot that was reminiscent of the impressionist era. She didn't have to convince me any further, I jumped right on board and told her not only would I love to participate as an event venue, but also design & create the stationery that went along with this unique theme.   

The attention to detail, hard work & dedication put into achieving this shoot, amongst an amazing set of wedding industry friends was worth every last investment. 

Kio Kreation described it best : For this project we were inspired by French Impressionist ballerina paintings, gorgeous floral arrangement still life paintings by the Masters and the delicate beauty of poppies. Poppies were the focus of the bouquets for both the bride and maid of honor. The bride a presentation-style arm bouquet (much like a ballerina would carry after a performance) featuring poppies, garden roses, tulips, ranunculus and jasmine vine. The maid of honor carried a rounded nosegay of similar flowers with an ivory tulle “tutu” collar. The color palette was driven by the array of colors poppies come in naturally: oranges, yellows, peach, coral, white, and reds. For the ceremony, a watercolor embroidery hoop backdrop was designed using the colors of this poppy palette.

Feast your eyes on all the delicious visuals below and if that is not enough for you, see more of this Poppy & Ballerina inspired wedding editorial feature on Green Wedding Shoes 

Photography: Kristin La Voie Photography

Venue: Ola la Ijorere

Floral: Kio Kreations

Cake: The Sugar Path

Invitation: IJORERE The Invitation

Linen: The Chair Couture,Inc

Calligraphy: Calligraphy by Cristine

HMUA: Dual Attraction & Sheri Cox MUA

Bridal Wear:  Mignonette Bridal

IJORERE The Invitation, Inc. 


Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-1 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-53 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-64 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-84 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-112 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-122 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-27 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-47 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-136 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-138 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-34 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-35 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-128Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-76 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-145 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-48 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-121 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-142 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-83 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-158 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-26 Kristin-La-Voie-Photography-Chicago-Wedding-Photographer-Poppy-Ballerina-132



Impressionism Ballerina Wedding

Hello IJOREREans! We're so thrilled to share previews of the recent bridal shoot, which took place at our venue, Ola la! IJORERE. What a pleasure it was working with a GRANDiose group of A+ wedding vendors. Kristin of Kristin LaVoie Photography captured every little scrumptious detail. The poppy floral arrangement by Kristen of Kio Kreations were to die for, and the cake, by Sugar Path…Oh! I could just go on & on.

Watch for the FULL reveal, which will be FEATURED in a major wedding publication next month! Woohoo! 

Photography: Kristin Lavoie Photography

Wedding Venue: Ola la! IJORERE

Luxe Invitation & Stationery: IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.

Floral: Kio Kreations

Mini Cake & Cake: Sugar Path

 Dancing poppiesBallerina Bride OlalaLuxury Wedding InvitationsWatercolor Wedding CakeWedding TablescapeWedding


May your day be IJORERE, day that is GRAND!




Metallic People

Exquisite Photos of Dancers Photographed in Metallic Body Paint will Inspire You

Italian photographer Guido Argentini takes the human form to a whole new level with his photos of painted dancers.

Back in 1995, photographer Guido Argentini was inspired to photograph a model coated in silver body paint . Nearly twenty years and countless shoots later, Argentini has prepared a collection of this work in a new book titled ARGENTUM.

“I always felt that photography was too close to reality. Painting and sculpture allow you to be more abstract when working with the human figure. My love for dance and for sculpture inspired this series of photographs,” says Argentini.

Keep scrolling to see a preview of the work featured in ARGENTUM

BELISAMA-860x864 CASSANDRA-AND-CLYTEMNESTRA-860x852 ANAHITA-860x860 APHRODITE-860x609 CYBELE-860x870 ELEN-860x860 COVENTINA-860x865 ARTEMIS1-860x860 AGLAEA-860x872 ALBION-860x860 ELECTRA-860x860 Heimarmene-860x860-2 EOS-860x866 DIONE-860x872 DEMETER-AND-PERSEPHONE-860x798



Here's the thing, I LOVE architecture. I can't believe almost 2 years ago, I left a 19 year career in design & construction, to become an invitation expert & owner of an event venue in downtown Elgin. Though I have no regrets of following my new creative passions, I really miss my 1st love, architecture. I've come up with the perfect solution of how I can combine my 1st love with my new ones; blog about them.

This new year, look forward to more reads on what truly inspires and tantalizes my creative senses, view fantastic visuals on architecture, interior designs and of course IJORERE The Invitation. Welcome to 2015! 

Images by: Arch Daily


This gorgeous 'would be' building is designed to be the 1st sustainable mixed-use condominium in Miami. And yes, those are wind turbines you see incorporated, for natural cooling, to this 400' tall structure! Read more about it HERE1 1288983085-cor-2-886x1000 1288982748-cor-drawing-elevation-4-772x1000 1288982744-cor-drawing-elevation-3-772x1000 1288982736-cor-drawing-elevation-1-772x1000


Painting Illustrations

GRAND Monday IJORERE fans & followers! 2015 is sure to be a favorable year, simply have faith and remain optimistic. About 6 years ago I professed my desires of taking my stationery business to the next level. 2 years ago my dream came true. I envisioned an interchangeable space for all sorts of events and I must say, I'm so proud that my dreams came to pass. Ola la! IJORERE is a multipurpose event space for weddings, parties, showers, photo shoots, dancing socials and our very popular BYOB painting events, Rhythms, Art & Wine Nights aka RAW Nights

Patrons come from at far and near just to have a good time with friends to paint, drink, socialize, and listen to live music. It's so fulfilling to see people come and go and return again to my events. This is how I've always hoped it to be. The warm & inviting ambience I've created was worth every dollar.

Speaking of paintings, I found some cool illustrations while snoping around on IG. These very pretty water color illustrations is sure to get you inspired to paint with us at Ola la! Make sure you sign up for one or more of our upcoming RAW Nights socials and tell all your friends about this exciting upscale space in downtown Elgin. 

Images by Paper Fashion & Pinterest


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RAW Nights ExtravaGRANDza

It's been a GRAND year for IJORERE. Our 'Talk of the Town' BYOB painting Socials has been a HIT! That's why we're throwing the GRANDEST RAW Nights end of the year painting party EVER! We're having plenty of giveaways, a ugly sweater contest, white elephant exchange, LIVE music band, and more festivities. Join us on 12.12.14 at 6:45pm for a BYOB painting party like no other! 
Special Note: $10 of our proceeds go to Elgin Artspace Lofts, to help support the art initiatives of the Elgin ArtSpace Loft residences & community.

Who's it going to be? Santa's Hat or Proud Peacock? 'Like' which painting you'd want to paint. The most 'Likes' on Facebook wins. 

Order your tickets here – RAW Nights HOLIDAY





























ButterFridays!: Unique Baby Showers at IJORERE Atelier

Welcome to IjoBABY’s new Friday column, ButterFridays! ButterFridays is a weekly column dedicated to IjoBABY topics. The idea to call our column ButterFridays was evoked by our colorful IjoBABY logo & the day of Friday.

Butterfly logo + Day of Friday = ButterFridays!


"When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I wanted a nice place, that wasn't in someone's basement, or the back room of a restaurant, or a small conference room at a hotel to host my baby shower. I couldn't find the perfect setting especially for expected mommies. There was only one thing to do, open a venue for baby showers!" ~Ola

IJORERE Atelier is the perfect and ONLY venue created for expected moms. We welcome all moms-to-be to IJORERE.  And the best part, we not only offer a beautiful premise, we can also create a unique IjoBABY theme to go along with your IJORERE!  Let's take a look at a couple of gorgeous themes that are timeless and chic:

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Based on the famous movie starring Audrey Hepburn, this theme features the traditional Tiffany blue as well as hints of black, pearls and plenty of little boxes!





Parisian Baby Shower

No surprises, we are IN- LOVE with Parisian themes! The appeal of France's capital can produce a très chic baby shower! Books, umbrellas, Eiffel Towers and macaroons cannot be missing from your sophisticated soiree. 





Gives us a call for more ideas and to book your date at our fabulous loft!


Carmen E.  – IJORERE Memoirs 
May your day be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND!