REAL Wedding Omni & Brandon’s IJORERE

As soon as Omni told me she wanted to get married on 12.13.14, I knew this was a GRAND day to be a part of! After all, when will we ever have a unique date like that again? We gave you a sneak peek a few days ago of this beautiful winter wedding at our event space, Ola la! IJORERE, and FINALLY we have hightlights of their IJORERE to share. 

We wish Omni & Brandon a long lasting union filled with love & laughter. Thank you Omni for sharing your GRAND day with us! 

Photography: Jorelle Gates Photography

Event Venue: Ola la! IJORERE 


IJORERE The Invitation, Inc. 

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GRAND Opening: IJORERE Atelier! ~ 2-day Event!

We only do it one way, and that's GRAND style!

Join us in celebration of our Afrik-Parisian inspired events venue, IJORERE Atelier!

Delight in our two day soiree filled with sweet conversations, Hors D'oeuvres, delectable desserts, drinks, music & more. 

Isn't this how every GRAND event should be? 

A bourgeois affair to miss not!



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Carmen E.  – IJORERE Memoirs 
May your day be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND!




Lemonade stand birthday~Part deux~IjoBaby

We have delicious news that we can’t WAIT to share with you:
IJORERE The Invitation now offers decor ideas!
Let us help you come up with party and event ideas that you’ve always dreamed of having. We would be pleased to provide you with ideas on what to purchase and select depending on your inspiring TASTE! We LOVE styling events and will infuse clever ideas for your IJORERE or your little munchkin’s themed party.

Speaking of little munchkins, Ola’s lil’ chicks just had a birthday bash and we’d love to share some yummy and delightful pictures that will tickle your senses! This summery palette is based off Ola’s lil’ chicks lemonade stand birthday bash! And of course where ever you find Ola’s hand, she’s sure to sprinkle her love with BURSTS of color and creative decor! Enjoy!

Sierra G. IJORERE Memoirs
P.S. If you missed out on our effervescent Lemonade Stand Birthday Party post, well you are in for a double treat! Let us inspire your IJORERE with more glamorous photos!

Photo Credits ~ Escapade Blog // Apartment Therapy // Dare2Dream Photography // The Japanese Paper Place


Lemonade stand birthday party – IjoBaby Adorable Couture

Our very own Ola, has been a busy bee planning & plotting her adorable daughters lemonade stand themed birthday bash and we have a double treat for you today sure to take you down memory lane on those childhood delights!

Check out the scrumptious details of The Invitation
White wood grain card-stock, die cut to show of the horizontal lemon slices across the grain. Ola is famous for referring to her daughters as her “lil’ chicks” so she had their names cleverly initialed on the birds on the invite and envelope. Colors are pink raspberry, canary, blanc, mandarin and a hint of lime!
Wordings were right from her lil chicks mouth… so cute! Sentences only a kid would use.
Below are the yummy close-ups!

Aren’t these photos so divine!? We were so inspired by these adorable custom IjoBaby suites we created a special palette board for Ola’s lil’ chicks upcoming summer bash. Enjoy!

Summer is here and it is HOT! Mama is too hot to work, so you decide to put your munchkins to work! Big sister Z will be in charge of making the lemonade, while kid sister Nai will help assist you with making the delicious lemon raspberry cupcakes. Mmmmm, this sure will get the neighbors popping over for a surprise visit in a minute!

Guests and the neighbors’ kids are arriving and it’s so warm outside but they are ready and all battered up in sunscreen. Mama looks divalicous wearing a sunshine summery dress. Your girls smile an irresistibly adorable smile that will keep the kids dropping coins in the lemonade money box all afternoon long.

Now that the day is over, mama relaxes and smiles with pride, while watching her girls count their money after a HOT day of work.

From the IJORERE team, we wish Ola’s little chicks a very happy sunshine filled birthday this weekend and we can’t wait to show you part 2 of what we are sure will be a well-detailed & colorful event!

Image Credits: Nana Annan Photography// Egami Photo Inc. // Green Wedding Shoes // We Heart It // Vi.sualize // The Burrus Family// Ijorere The Invitation, Inc. // Kua Designs


IJORERE The Invitation on NBC

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! IJORERE The Invitation gets MEDIA LOVE on NBC Miami South Florida TODAY!!! We were beyond ecstatic when we received The Invitation to promote our LOVE Notes to MOM for Mother’s day.

On May 6th 2011 our very own Ola Muhammed, CEO of IJORERE The Invitation, Inc. joined NBC to showcase her signature trademark & couture stationary for a mother’s day special. We are over joyed with the media attention & recognition befittingly given. Ola especially remains humbly thankful to all her fans, followers & of course the media for the continuous acknowledgment of her innovative & intercultural designs!

May your day be IJORERE, A day that is GRAND!

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Sweets & Bliss, The Unveiling of IJORERE The Invitation!

IJS-98_2While we are BEYOND excited for what the new year holds for IJORERE The Invitation, we can’t help but to tell you about IJORERE’s very own and very special event that took place just before the holidays!


The unveiling of IJORERE The Invitation was a high-end, intimate evening that took place at a cozy stationery & pen shop located in charming downtown Barrington IL.  IJORERE’s creative director and owner, Ola, worked diligently to create this exquisite event that gathered event planners, Barrington’s affluent socialites and a few of IJORERE’s most loyal supporters.


With the goal in mind of “quality, NOT quantity” these hand-picked honored guests enjoyed a night of sweets and bliss!  Sipping on fine wine and enjoying delicious delicacies as they perused through the fabulous displays of IJORERE’s custom wedding suites . Attendees were also able to feast their eyes on sneak peeks of  IJOBABY’s latest additions!

Enjoy viewing the highlights of this SPLENDID IJORERE!



Stunning silk ribbons complete the look of these IJORERE custom programs for Crystal & MuradIJS-21


Ola and her Uber Elegant suites!





Ola’s very own IJORERE invitations created for her special 10.10.10 7 year wedding anniversary celebration!


Calligraphy By Annie of Pretty Mail Calligraphy!
Mmmmm...Guests were treated to these intricately designed delicacies!


Of course sweet treats MUST accompany such a sweet announcement!

Adorably Yummy! Our IjoBaby announcements
Adorably Yummy!


A mom-to-be looks at our baby, Queen Jessica & need-less to say, She booked us & we are currently working on her baby shower Invites!


Calligraphy demonstration by one of Ola's favorite Calligraphers, Dena Bellows!
Calligraphy samples where given out to all of Ola's attendees. Exquisite!





Ola delights in the custom invitations with guests!




Already thinking about next month’s sweet emphasis on LOVE?  February 14 will be here before you know it and planning ahead to make this lovely day even MORE special will capture the essence of how you feel about your loved ones!  Stay tuned for a special launch on the month of LOVE  by IJORERE The Invitation!

May your day be IJORERE,  a day that is GRAND!

Allie Coyle . IJORERE Memoir Writer