ButterFridays!: Bespoke Balloonery


Welcome to IjoBABY’s new Friday column, ButterFridays! ButterFridays is a weekly column dedicated to IjoBABY topics. The idea to call our column ButterFridays was evoked by our colorful IjoBABY logo & the day of Friday.

Butterfly logo + Day of Friday = ButterFridays!




IJORERE Atelier is the perfect and ONLY venue created for moms and children alike! This classy venue can be the perfect setting for that classy birthday party or baby shower. One of the beautiful decorations you can bring to your IJORERE are the unique creations of Bespoke Ballonery. 

Based in Australia, this company offers online sales of giant bespoke balloons with hand cut paper tassels & decorations made of incredible materials for any occasion. Extremely long and beautiful festoons are exclusively and individually made for every order.

Check out some of their beautiful work and visit their site too!





Carmen E.  – IJORERE Memoirs 
May your day be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND!



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