ButterFridays: Baby Mantra


Welcome to IjoBABY’s new Friday column, ButterFridays! ButterFridays is a weekly column dedicated to IjoBABY topics. The idea to call our column ButterFridays was evoked by our colorful IjoBABY logo & the day of Friday.

Butterfly logo + Day of Friday = ButterFridays!



Driven by their passion for a healthy lifestyle, Baby Mantra was founded by Nupoor and Vinnie, two sisters committed to organic living. Made from only top quality all-natural and organic ingredients, Baby Mantra hosts an entire product line of baby lotions, baby oils, Mommy Body butter, shampoo & body wash all tested and approved by Nupoor and her beautiful baby girls. These products safeguard baby soft skin by forming a natural barrier to lock in moisture and guarantee soft, supple, healthy skin for years to come. With such phenomenal results, here at IJORERE, we simply could not resist sharing this lush line of products. They are available through our online store and soon at our Atelier.

Check out some of their wonderful products!


Baby Mantra 4


Baby Mantra 3


Baby Mantra 2


Baby Mantra 1



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