We have entered a new decade, and the pressure of hitting the ground running, starting that new venture, and setting out to crush all of your goals this year is probably weighing heavy on so many of you, including myself. This year is going to be our best year yet. This is the year of VISION. We are seeing and believing all that we desire for ourselves and others. But before we get too deep into our work and fill up our calendars with meetings, calls, and launch dates, or any other outside work; let’s begin from within. How can we...Read More

Niche is a Need

I recently spoke at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It's called The Art of Stationery conference and it's the first of its kind offering educational workshops, resources, and how-tos’, helping elevate creative businesses specifically for Stationers. I wish this kind of platform was available when I started my custom stationery business twelve years ago. Oh! of all the mistakes I made, but I digress. My talk to the attendees was on the importance of finding your niche and delegating. I’ll discuss delegating in my next memoir. For now, let’s talk about niching. Being a niche service requires asserting yourself. Think...Read More