“Where there’s prejudice position yourself to be irreplaceable & indispensable. 
It’s easier to win when you’re the only one who understands the game”
– Ola M.M

A Nigerian girl is born in Chicago on a leap year day: February 29th, 

just two months after the sudden death of her father. 

Life altered for good, with only the love and care of her mother.

Now a fatherless child, Ola, and her mom move back to Nigeria. 

But when unforeseen circumstances develop, 

Ola must return to her birthplace. Upon her return to the United States, 

she quickly discovers the disheartening truth: bias stems from inside and outside of the home.


GET YOUR FOOT OFF MY NECK is a memoir written 

from a Nigerian-American woman’s perspective.

It is about a resilient little girl who grew up to become a 

woman who prevailed despite abuse, betrayal, and internalized racism.

Infused with colorful multicultural anecdotes, quotes, and stories, 

Ola’s message is clear: Stepping on necks is undoubtedly consequential.


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