About IJORERE Inc.

For thousands of years the exotic colors of the peacock has stood as a symbol of Luxury, Beauty & Pride. And just as this intriguing bird mesmerizes you with its brilliantly vibrant feathers, IJORERE captivates your eyes with an array of imaginative designs.

IJORERE, Inc. Pronounced E-Jaw-Ray-Ray and derived from a Yoruba-Nigerian meaning, Ijo Rere is 2 words made one. ‘Ijo’ means Day and ‘Rere’ means Grand. IJORERE sums up how your special occasion should be, GRAND. IJORERE is the very first stationery company that began using a popular African fabric known as “ankara” (Batik) on paper. This signature design catapulted IJORERE’s popularity worldwide, especially amongst the west African diaspora.

Ola la! IJORERE  is an event & interior designing service. Our personalized styling ideas for the littlest details are infinite! Whether you’re having a wedding, reception, birthday, anniversary, bridal, shower or corporate event, let’s help you cultivate a unique & GRANDiose affair and/or interior space. Ola personally works one on one to design and execute her client’s vision along with with her creative team and/or vendor resources. Contact us today for a complimentary event or interior design consultation. 312.254.9807.

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Your day comes but once in a life time, shouldn’t it be IJORERE… a day that is GRAND?

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