Faari Couture to Shoge Signature Collection

With out sacrificing the sweetness of our Signature look. Ijorere provides alternative suites to our autumn bride. My autumn bride requested for Ijorere’s Faari Couture collection. Her wedding suites consisted of a gold leaf motif with all the warm colors of autumn and gold as her signature color. Ijorere provided her with gold embroider silk folios (keep sakes) used as the invitation enclosures. We also accent the folios with gold leaf pendants (keep sakes) to emphasize her gold leaf motif. The overwhelming response from her guests receiving these beautiful & luxurious wedding suites prompt my bride to move her reception venue. IJORERE Invites Out-did the Venue! Originally to take place at the cute & posh  New Leaf , My autumn bride moved her guests to a BIGGER luxurious Hot spot The Chicago Illuminating Company. With just a little less than a month before the wedding, we quickly came up with alternative & additional invitations due to the venue change. I decided to surprise her with these Chocolate Gate folds enclosures since we didn’t have time to order more Silk folios.

These Chocolate enclosures with flamboyant satin rust colored ribbon, unveiled, reveals my bride’s Oh so beautiful golden invitations. Needless to say, my bride was quite pleased to see her Chocolate Delights.



3 thoughts on “Faari Couture to Shoge Signature Collection

    1. Hello Clarissa, Thanks for the kind compliments. Yes, Ijorere is on esty, but only as a buyer & to get hand-made inspirations, not as a seller.

      Thank you and may your day be Ijorere, A day that is Grand!



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