ButterFridays ~ Rachelle Yakubu Photography

Welcome to IjoBABY’s new Friday column, ButterFridays! ButterFridays is a weekly column dedicated to IjoBABY topics. The idea to call our column ButterFridays was evoked by our colorful IjoBABY logo & the day of Friday.

Butterfly logo + Day of Friday = ButterFridays!

Rachelle Yakubu Photography

“Donkey years” ago, my new fav. words for “Ages ago” lol, I did a post on Rachelle Yakubu, but I really didn’t do her much justice because for whatever reason, I didn’t show her images. WELL you’re in for a GRAND treat on today’s ButterFridays.

Rachelle Yakubu is the ultimate definition of  a Momtrepreneur. She is a mom of 3, like myself, and also is a creative visual artist in children’s & maternity photography. Rachelle takes the MOST clever MOST adorable kiddie photos I’ve ever seen!

I compared her once to Anne Geddes, but I must say Rachelle’s style is quite different and over the years she has made herself very distinct. WE LOVE ORIGINALITY! So seeing her work unfold right before our eyes is just a breathe of fresh air…ahhhh.

I have to say Rachelle Yakubu is rightly in a “league of her own”. If you are ever in the Carolinas’, make sure to stop by Rachelle Yakubu’s & send our Hellos!

Enjoy these SPLENDID fairy tale/comic/story book visuals of what I’m sure will bring back nostalgia for most of us 🙂

Childhood photography by Rachelle Yakubu Photography

Oh MY! her glass slipper fits! Cinderella
Alice in Wonderland
Who’s Who?
Clark aka Superman
Wister Rabbit ~ Alice in Wonderland
Ms. Independent
Little Miss Muffet
Lil Bo Peep
lil’ Red Riding Hood
Good Night Moon

Ola M. ~ IjoBABY
Love, Life & IjoBABY

ButterFridays! ~ Little Boys Euro Flair

Finding fashionable clothing for lil boys are soooo HARD! and it wasn’t until I had a baby boy did this occur to me. I’m sure my friends with baby boys are reading this and saying, “welcome to our world!”. Of course I HAD to go searching for where I can find some decent clothing for boys with an IjoBABY flair! Did I tell you how HARD it is to find anything out there stylish for boys?

I LOVE anything with an European flair! So when I came across Jacadi PARIS, I immediately bookmarked it for JJ’s future use!
Let me know what you think about these adorable pieces from Jacadi PARIS and if you happen to know other places for boys with a unique flair, do share by leaving me a comment or 2!

P.S- I threw in a photo of the stuffed animals from Jacadi, it was too cute I had to share 😉

Ola M. IJORERE Memoirs
IjoBABY adorable couture
Love, Life & IjoBaby

French! I would enjoy dressing up JJ in this lil ensemble.
French Military Coat
Pantone color of the year colored Jean. This one got me excited!
This looks very soft & of good quality
Afrik themed stuffed animals

Tres Joli Tuesdays! ~ Ade & Andrew’s IJORERE.

Starting on the month of LOVE, February 2013, we will begin a series of daily columns on IJORERE Memoirs! but we just couldn’t WAIT to share this with you, so here is one episode of what we’ve got in store for you on our ‘Very Lovely Tuesdays’…Tres Joli Tuesdays!

Ade & Andrew’s IJORERE
Some of you might not know that IJORERE provides world-wide services. Majority of our clients are out-of-state or out-of-the country. In fact most of our out-of-country clients come from London, England, so a HUGE shout out goes to our ENGLAND couples!

Ade had an endearment for her grandmother. She connected with us some time ago seeking custom suites that reminded her of her grandmother’s wrapper (a casual Ankara bottom piece commonly worn in many parts of Africa). It was obvious that she wanted something vintage and as soon as Ade sent a photo of a piece of her grandma’s “aso oke”, (traditional Yoruba fabric) I almost immediately visualized what I would have my team create for her.

We get clients with the same popular colors and alas! have no choose in the matter but to work with what we’ve got. However, when Ade told us her colors were olive, teal, cranberry pink and yellow gold, I was immensely rattled up with excitement. FINALLY, a uniquely different color palette!

Ade recently shared her IJORERE with us and here are our favorites visuals!

Wedding Venue: St Andrew’s Church, Headington
Reception Venue: Worton Park Farm, Cassington
Bridal attire: Mesomu
Bridal jewelry: Earrings (something borrowed) & Crystal Bridal Accessories
Photography: Franklyn Lane Films
Cinematographer: Franklyn Lane Films
Florist: DIY by the Bride & friends
Music: 4 Seasons Band
DJ: DJ Preston
Invitation: IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.
Custom Map Calligraphy: DB Lettering
Vintage Invitation Photos: Tarji Michelle Photography

The Smiling Groom
The Bride’s bouquet was a DIY project & made with brooches.
Happy Couple
Aso Oke pattern ~ Inspiration for our Belly Ban Laser cut design
See the same patterns & details in the cake

Invitation Suite
Custom Calligraphy Map ~ Calligraphy by Dena Bellows
The Invitation

Thanks Ade & Andrew. May each passing & growing day together be abundant in GRAND moments!

Ola M.  ~ IJORERE Memoirs
IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.

ButterFridays ~ Baby Leg Warmers ~ IjoBABY Col.1

Welcome to IjoBaby’s 1st column, ButterFridays! ButterFridays is a weekly column on Fridays dedicated to IjoBaby topics. Our Fridays will be dedicated to all things IjoBaby! The idea to call our Friday column, ButterFridays was evoked by our colorfully & adorable  IjoBABY logo!

Butterfly logo + Friday columns = ButterFridays!

ButterFridays! Baby leg warmers
As a mom of three, owner of IJORERE The Invitation, Inc., full time working architect & wife, (Superwoman for short!), I am always scouting for clever creations to make my extremely ongoing busy lifestyle the most manageable as possible. My youngest is crawling now, so of course my eyes are always scouting for delightful items through the different stages of his life.

Baby leg warmers have been out for a while.  They are not only cute lil aesthetic wears but quite functional. Imagine how easy it is to change my baby’s diapers, not having to go through layers of clothing to get to his bum bum! or what a comfort is is to my scattered-brain mind to know that my lil crawler has some protection against hard floor surfaces. I’m sure there are plenty of YOU out there that can relate!

These pairs have become quite popular and BOY (and I mean that literally!) they sure come in handy right now!

My sister crochets so I’ve asked her to make a couple of pairs for my lil man JJ, but check out Knotty Baby Wear on Etsy & Effy Bags for crochet options, also on Etsy.

Your opinions count! Tell us what you think!

Ola M.
Love, Marriage & IjoBABY