IJORERE The Invitation, Inc. BOOSTS up the Economy!

IJORERE The Invitation, Inc. BOOSTS up the economy!

I realize it’s hard to believe that an upscale invitation company like ours could actually contribute significantly to the community…but we DO!

Let’s go through the process of how this happens for a second. To date we have created over 1200 invitations just for one client alone, if you know Nigerians and/or Indians, you KNOW 1200 invites are quite the norm! LOL.

As each guest receives our fabulously designed invitation like no other… the magic begins!

Our client’s guests are so in awe and they think: WOW! If ‘The Invitation’ looks this fabulous, this GRAND event would be like no other…certainly not one to miss! And thus a dash to look for the most stunning outfits and accessories to match such an upscale invitation! Voila! just like that, what seem like one simple move to inviting a guest to a wedding instantly creates a frenzy to get the Grandest wear, accessories & shoes to fit that Grand Occassion….we are undoubtedly boosting up the apparel & accessories industry 🙂

It’s been a CRAZY yet GRAND summer, and we thought we would share what we have been up to! DO enjoy this inspiration board that highlights our recent invitations.

IJORERE consistently is boosting up the economy and we encourage YOU to go out and find that perfect accessory and more to match “The Invitation” we know you ADORE!

May your day be IJORERE, A day that is GRAND!
Sierra G. IJORERE ~ Memoirs & Social Media Angel
IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.

Photo Credits:

Nail Polish via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Pink and Purple Emsemble via Pinterest

Orange, Pink, and Purple Cloud Dresses via Wolf and Willow Blog

Two Ladies with Purple and Pink Outfits via Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

Balloons and Fashion Outfit via Nasty Gal

Orange and Yellow Head Wrap and Jewelry via Pinterest

Tory Burch Shoes

Purple Pants and Orange Pumps via Cape Cod Collegiate

Geometric Necklace found on WANELO

Yellow, Purple, and Pink Baskets via Journey of Loveliness