Father’s Day & Sierra’s One Year Anniversary with IJORERE!

Around Father’s Day one year ago I became IJORERE’s Social Media Angel and this past year has brought me much gladness. Not only have I been able to create some fun memoir palettes with inspiring images, but I’ve also been able to help promote a fabulous company that I ADORE! So thank you IJORERE for the opportunity and thank you Ola for being a fabulous friend!

So in honor of Father’s Day, I’m happy to do yet another memoir palette and I look forward to doing many more in the future!

This Father’s Day…be sure to CHERISH your dad and tell him that you love him! Don’t forget that Father’s Day is a day where you should have FUN with your dad and show him how much you care. It’s one day that you can spoil him and appreciate him even more.

After all, your dad’s special day comes but once a year, shouldn’t it be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND?  :~)

Have a wonderful Father’s Day and enjoy this palette of fathers and their children from around the WORLD.

May your day be IJORERE, A day that is GRAND!
Sierra G. IJORERE ~ Memoirs & Social Media Angel
IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.

Photo Credits:

B&W Photo of Dad Kisses Daughter

Dad Holding Newborn Close

Playful Photo of Dad Holding Son Upside Down

Dad and Daughter in India

Dad and Daughter and Their Dancing Feet

Fulani Father and Daughter

Holding Baby in the Park

Father and Son in Park Smiling

Older Daughter with Dad

Bride Kissing Her Dad’s Cheek

Son Flying

Dad and Son Hiking

Dad Quote

Three Generations

Hero Quote