A Starbucks experience LOVE story ~ 2nd time around

We’d like to tell you about our IJORERE couple’s Starbucks experience. Every time we think about it we swoon and we think you will too!

Imagine an ordinary evening meeting with a business client at a Starbucks coffee shop. She walks in all suited up for business and awaits her client when she notices a gentleman making glances her way. She smiles and he smiles and it would seem that was that. When her client arrives she is surprised to discover that her client so happens to know this dashing gentleman!

What happened next was an introduction by the client between two people named Christy and Dr. James. Perhaps it was the coffee aroma that brought on the sparks. Whatever it was, a love story was in the making and there was a wonderful connection that would turn into a life time love affair.

Before this romantic Starbucks experience both individuals went through their share of hard times. James had lost his wife and Christy had been in a marriage that didn’t work out, but how sweet it is the "2nd time around!!"

These couples were un-bashful romantics! They LOVED our signature LOVE letters in a wooden box idea and decided to write out their feelings in calligraphy to exchange right before Christy walked down the aisle.

And don’t think for a second that men can’t be romantic. Dr. James actually wrote an 8 page love letter to Christy while Christy wrote 5 pages to him thinking she would easily out do him!

Our gorgeous double inspiration board below shows our “could-have-been–Starbuck-coffee-concept” and final concept showing a Coffee aroma motif.

You can purchase this Coffee Aroma set under our Aduni Collection.
Mmmmmm, do you smell the Coffee Aroma yet?

…A special thanks to John of John Dart Photography for capturing Christy's & Dr. James splendid wedding details.

Stationery & LOVE Letters by IJORERE The Invitation, Inc. 


May your day be IJORERE, A day that is GRAND!

Sierra G. IJORERE Memoirs & Social Media Angel