Happily Ever After IJORERE

So, do you believe in fairytales? We do! Dr. Tonya and Dr. James are currently living happily ever after and we created luxury suites for their GRAND day!

Dr. Tonya and Dr. James were fortunate to get married in a magical castle in New York called Oheka Castle. The Doctors, as we liked to call them wanted something unique, a new design that sparkled. Inspired by this year’s celeb fashion trends on the red carpet, Ola played around with the idea of using sequin as oppose to the norms of couture applications (rhinestones & swarovski crystals). The quiet but elegantly outstanding results was the “Sequined Peacock,” which featured a brand new way/method of using & adding BLING!

Their GORGEOUS color palette consisted of soft mauve, mocha & ivory colors. And just when you thought the sequin would be the only surprise, turn over the couture suite to a gate fold enclosure laced with a ribbon that reveals the wedding accessories; (custom map, RSVP with custom stamp and direction cards.) STUNNING!

I’m definitely enchanted. Now all we need is a unicorn, fairy dust and a lovely gown made with sequin, satin, bows and lace. Then have prince charming whisk you away and never return!

After all, a Prince and Princess should live happily ever after…

Stay tuned to part 2 of our fairly tale IJORERE!

Sierra G. IJORERE Memoirs & Social Media Angel
IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.
Credits – Favim.com / FabGabBlog / WeHeartIt