Red, White & Blue IJORERE Special!

The 4th of July is almost here and you’ll want your family to celebrate with joy,
enthusiasm for this memorable holiday yet be in style at the same time!
As the Hot mama in your house, you want to look stunning for the festivities, but aren’t sure what to wear. Perhaps experiment with that gorgeous dress that you have always wanted to wear, NOW is the time!

Multi-tasker as usual, like magic you effortlessly worked up a red, white and blue cake perfect for this occasion. Sure enough, like that old fruit loops commercial your kids are “following their nose” on their fly bikes, riding back home in a jiffy!

You are now chillaxing in your splashing living room filled with colors of “Independence”…your guests are gonna LOVE this! Here comes daddy starting up the BBQ right before the fireworks begin as you’ll gaze up at the sky, full of dreams and wonder for this historical holiday.

Happy 4th of July IJORERE Readers!

Sierra G. IJORERE Memoirs

Image Credits: Tumblr / Martha Stewart

Exotic Wedding Locales

There’s nothing a bride wants more after her wedding day than to be whisked away by her groom to an exotic location. But did you ever think that besides choosing a hot and exotic location for your honeymoon, you could also choose this destination for your wedding venue. Exotic venues are not only bursting with color, they will show off your dazzling personality on your wedding day.

Imagine getting married in Thailand, India, Nigeria, Guatemala or Switzerland. You would find the most amazing venues, aroma of exotic spices, cuisines, and an array of stunning flowers like no other. Afterward you and your beau could spend the night in a castle, a bed by the ocean, or maybe underneath the stars. For the rest of our trip, you can’t wait to go on your excursions to new cultural sites! Make your wedding locale a reality and be inspired by a dazzling inspirational board below to inspire thoughts for your anticipated future.

Image Credits: Tidal Rave / Wedding Obsession / Sarah A. Ali /Bedazzled Photography

Father’s day Inspira!

Father’s Day has arrived and no doubt you want your father to be the most stylish father of the bunch. Not only does your dad have an extraordinary taste for fashion, he likes to look the part as well. He requested that you find him the latest and greatest in fashion and architecture. Luckily you have just the right finds in mind and you can’t wait to greet him with a fashionable gift that will only remind him that his daughter is up to date on the trends and desirable outfits just like her father.

Dress jackets are in style right now, and it’s easy to see why. Setting on a pattern means plaids as well as tartans, tweeds, and other cloths with a rustic Anglo-Saxon mien. Your father craves pattern, and also craves the comfort and security of a well tailored outfit. Send your father packing to his next business meeting in style.

Sierra G. IJORERE Memoirs
May your day be IJORERE, A day that is GRAND!

Image Credits by Urbangent & Restorationhardware