Announcing Our Inspiring & Timeless LOVE Letters!


LOVE is celebrated this month especially, but should never be tied only to this one time of the year… LOVE is timeless! The reality is we live in a tech savvy FAST era, but the TRUTH is we still cherish the simpler things of life.

In the same way, IJORERE The Invitation is not JUST about stationery we are about “creating a lasting impression & sustaining love. This month of LOVE go beyond sending flowers that eventually wither. Take a moment to write to your lover, share your sweet thoughts in writing or even propose in a letter to your lover!

We are THRILLED to present IJORERE’s LOVE Letters that will beautifully express your feelings to your loved one!  Not only will they read your heart felt words formed in stunning calligraphy; they’ll find the thoughtfulness behind the creative love letters to be a true picture of how you feel about them. 

Imagine those who are fearlessly and sacrificially serving in our military and the how much the simple fact of knowing they are loved can keep them going when facing even the hardest of situations.  One such love story recounts his wife who consistently sent beautiful letters to her husband while he was serving in Iraq.  There were no words to describe the overwhelming love and peace he would feel as he read over his dear wife’s hand written notes again and again.  No matter the miles in between their location, he always felt so close in spirit with his significant other!  Till this day, these beautiful letters are tucked safely away and will be cherished for years to come….

IJORERE The Invitation would love to be a part of YOUR love story and Love should be expressed every day, so we’re not limiting our stunning LOVE LETTERS to JUST this month!  In fact, we’ll soon be converting IJORERE The Invitation to an ecommerce site for this NEW product line!

Want more yummy details?!  We thought you’d never ask!  These LOVE Letter suites can be purchased to include a special edition of Anna Shea chocolatesPreview our LOVE LETTERS suites page to see MORE about the gift of love that will last a LIFETIME!

May your day be IJORERE,  a day that is GRAND!

Allie Coyle . IJORERE Memoir Writer

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Sweets & Bliss, The Unveiling of IJORERE The Invitation!

IJS-98_2While we are BEYOND excited for what the new year holds for IJORERE The Invitation, we can’t help but to tell you about IJORERE’s very own and very special event that took place just before the holidays!


The unveiling of IJORERE The Invitation was a high-end, intimate evening that took place at a cozy stationery & pen shop located in charming downtown Barrington IL.  IJORERE’s creative director and owner, Ola, worked diligently to create this exquisite event that gathered event planners, Barrington’s affluent socialites and a few of IJORERE’s most loyal supporters.


With the goal in mind of “quality, NOT quantity” these hand-picked honored guests enjoyed a night of sweets and bliss!  Sipping on fine wine and enjoying delicious delicacies as they perused through the fabulous displays of IJORERE’s custom wedding suites . Attendees were also able to feast their eyes on sneak peeks of  IJOBABY’s latest additions!

Enjoy viewing the highlights of this SPLENDID IJORERE!



Stunning silk ribbons complete the look of these IJORERE custom programs for Crystal & MuradIJS-21


Ola and her Uber Elegant suites!





Ola’s very own IJORERE invitations created for her special 10.10.10 7 year wedding anniversary celebration!


Calligraphy By Annie of Pretty Mail Calligraphy!
Mmmmm...Guests were treated to these intricately designed delicacies!


Of course sweet treats MUST accompany such a sweet announcement!

Adorably Yummy! Our IjoBaby announcements
Adorably Yummy!


A mom-to-be looks at our baby, Queen Jessica & need-less to say, She booked us & we are currently working on her baby shower Invites!


Calligraphy demonstration by one of Ola's favorite Calligraphers, Dena Bellows!
Calligraphy samples where given out to all of Ola's attendees. Exquisite!





Ola delights in the custom invitations with guests!




Already thinking about next month’s sweet emphasis on LOVE?  February 14 will be here before you know it and planning ahead to make this lovely day even MORE special will capture the essence of how you feel about your loved ones!  Stay tuned for a special launch on the month of LOVE  by IJORERE The Invitation!

May your day be IJORERE,  a day that is GRAND!

Allie Coyle . IJORERE Memoir Writer