2010 Favorite Visuals.What’s coming in 2011 & Discount of the year!!

What an UNBELIEVABLY FABULOUS year for IJORERE The Invitation!

Toksandsaheed-16Toksandsaheed-236 0349_092510_Mewha

From the launch of IjoBABY to IJORERE owner, Ola’s intimate 7th year anniversary to stunning weddings- IJORERE has had a full & EXCITING year!  And we’re just getting started!!!

Ola recounts her greatest highlights of this year; when she got called upon to work along side David Tutera’s team on Carrie & Ajay’s entire luxury suites, throwing a lavish 60th birthday extravaganza for her mom on the 4th of July!, the launch of a new baby line, IjoBABY and the Unveiling of IJORERE The Invitation, the debut of her new collection which showcased in downtown Barrington.

All though her loaded schedule as a full time Architect, a mother of 2 adorable girls, an invitation designer extraordinaire AND juggling all her summer clients Ola was also preparing and some how managed to achieve a marvelously planned renewal of her vows to her husband of 7 years, of which by the way got featured on The Bride’s Cafe and Chocolate Brides WOW!, talk about being BUSY!

For 2011, Ola is mostly looking forward to the growth of IjoBABY; which boasts ADORABLE custom baby invitations & more, her FABULOUS upcoming Valentine’s Day Special, AND her NEW recession-friendly line of invitations- ideal for today’s frugal clients….YAAY!!

We’ll talk more about our Val Day Special in the beginning of the year, as the month of LOVE approaches, but for now let’s just say that what we have in store is beyond the norms of just chocolate & roses and will leave your LOVER SPEECHLESS!  

For your viewing pleasure, feast your eyes on our  FAVORITE shots of 2010, then mosey on down to our SPECIAL OFFER OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!



We love the pure ROMANCE of this shot!


Carrie is so GORGEOUS!  (As if we needed to tell you that!)0526_092510_Mewha1

Such an exotic fusion of the cultures of an amazing couple!0554_092510_Mewha


Love this image!Collins-Metu


The 60th birthday celebration of Ola’s mother!60th B Day Extravaganza

The life of Ola’s mother…. at 18 and at 60!  Ola notes that her mother is as beautiful 40 years later and hopes to echo her grace and beauty!life of my mom

The stunning 10.10.10 Ijorere Invitations!  It must be great to have a vision in your mind of exactly what you want for your special day and be able to carry it out!  Lovely Ola!!The Invitation 10.10.10


What a cutie!!  So adorable and the vibrant purple touches throughout looked beautiful! This is Ola’s 1st born…Z.Z my daughter

Ola at her 7th Anniversary IJORERE on 10.10.10 with her husband and adorable youngest daughter, Nai.Caught Naturally in laughter w Nai our youngest

Ta Da! Saving the very BEST of this year for LAST, Our IJORERE discount of the YEAR! 20% off your wedding or grand event…but HURRY! This offer will not last forever!  Contact Ola TODAY !sale
We hope you’ve enjoyed our recap of 2010!  Thank YOU for your tremendous support & love- IJORERE The Invitation has felt it and we appreciate you!  We can’t tell you how EXCITED we are for the NEW YEAR!  Stay tuned for all of our new endeavors and as we continue to make IJORERE The Invitation your source for contemporary, BOLD & exotic papery!

May your day be IJORERE,  a day that is GRAND!

Allie Coyle . IJORERE Memoir Writer

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A Vibrant & Traditional Indian Wedding – Vinnie & Amish

_PBH2175We hope you enjoyed last week’s beautiful entry about our Ijorere fusion wedding in which we custom designed nearly every portion of Carrie and Ajay’s Oh-So-Grand day!

This week, we wanted to pull from the Indian inspiration of our last post and bring to you, our beloved Ijorere readers, an authentic modern Indian wedding!


Vinnie and Amish were referred by previous Ijorere clients Helen & Fola. Helen was so impressed with the stunning custom destination wedding suites designed by Ola for her wedding, that she knew just the person to call to come through with something extra special for her dear friend Vinnie!  Ola was given merely the guest names and colors of Vinnie’s wedding and the creative juices began flowing!


The custom Ijorere place cards, designed by Ola based strictly on instinct, blended PERFECTLY with the colors and theme of the rest of the wedding! Stunning lemon yellow, citrus orange and lime green colors brought out the reception rooms’ decor and made the place cards POP!  This vibrant day was an ideal blend of traditional Indian heritage and modern Indian culture and, of course, Ijorere The Invitation was honored to be a part of Vinnie and Amish’s IJORERE!  Take a look!






V make up














How can we not LOVE such a fun and energetic couple?!  Ijorere The Invitation was thrilled to match their vibrant personalities for their IJORERE!

Vinnie, although we were not a prominent feature on your Ijorere, we thank you tremendously for sharing these wonderful visuals of yours!

May your day be IJORERE,  a day that is GRAND!

Allie Coyle . Ijorere Memoir Writer

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The WOW! Factor . Carrie & Ajay’s IJORERE


Imagine entering this stunning venue, Skyline Studios in New York, Every room & floor was a new experience discovered! Carrie was passionate about creating an atmosphere that infused Ajay’s Indian heritage with her creative taste, so they called on famed wedding planner, David Tutera to breathe inspiration into their wedding. (Yes- THE David Tutera of WE’s My Fair Wedding and event designer to the Hollywood elite!)

0689_092510_MewhaFuchsia, Mandarin orange, Canary yellow and Snow white colors danced through every element of the first floor ceremony which instantly drew you into India’s rich and vibrant culture. Rows of white canvas couches created a semi-circle around the mandap while stately columns were adorned with brightly colored flowers. Incense filled the air while the music of the Indian Bansuri flute set the tone. Following the traditional Indian wedding ceremony, guests moved to the second level where the Christian ceremony was held.

The second level made you feel as though you were stepping into an enchanted garden, Mmmmmmm….Sod covered the floor and the columns were wrapped in vines. Wisteria vines made up the alter while hanging vines and white flowers hung overhead. Ijorere’s beautiful oval escort cards hung from the vines like fruits off a tree along the back wall and guests were able to “pluck”  their names from this organic arrangement as the move to the next experience. This traditional ceremony featured a string ensemble and the romance of a serene outdoor/indoor space.

Venturing up to the rooftop deck with New York Skyline view, guests were awestruck by the magnitude of elegance and style. IJORERE created stunning personalized translucent menus that were placed at each setting with hand picked onyx pebble stones placed on top of each menu, a clean, fresh and Zen-like experience. This rooftop dinner featured chandelier inspired, crystal candelabras that created a soft glow for guests and black pashminas were given to every lady guest, keeping them warm for this September soiree.

After dinner, friends and family made their way to the first level which had been converted into an intimate after party lounge lit by RED lights. A DJ, two large bars, a white cake with red flowers and white & black damask furniture created a completely different environment. What a perfect ending to such a spectacular evening!


The custom wedding invitations were like none other! and IJORERE’s owner Ola brought forth one brilliantly innovative idea after the next!

Carrie’s one of a kind invitations were created as enlongated horizontal cards with four layers, mindfully revealing each one of Carrie’s 4 main colors. Akiyo designed the exotic henna motif which was embossed and flowed in continuation from one card to the next. This meticulous invitation required much detailed attention, every move had to be precise and each invitation was hand sewn into perfect place. Engraved cherry wooden boxes held each custom wedding invitation and guests were in absolute awe upon receiving The Invitation. View our previous reviews from our David Tutera Bride blog in which Carrie shared with us their reactions!

Save the dates, the Indian and Christian wedding ceremony programs, the eight question album cards, translucent table cards and thank you cards all showcased IJORERE’s capabilities! We could go on, but IJORERE thinks pictures are the best way to give a small glimpse into this fabulous wedding! Enjoy these photographs taken by award winning photographer Susan Stripling!

Wedding and reception : Skylight West
Event design : David Tutera
Bridal attire : Oscar de la renta and Rene Caovilla
Bridal jewelry : J Scott private jewels
Photography : Susan Stripling
Videography : Ray Roman
Catering : Sonnier and Castle
Mehndi & Henna motif design: Luxe Glow
Invitations . Paperies . Wooden boxes : IJORERE The Invitation






Slide 1

Carrie is ridiculously Gorgeous!!!
AMAZING shots!
AMAZING shots!
Do something different! Try an 8 ?’s album a creative alternative to a guest book


















Microsoft PowerPoint - Presentation1


Cake & New Yorkers roof top Soiree
STUNNING!! Oui! Oui! IJORERE The Invitation felt honored to have a strong presence at such a beyond high end event! You may be wonder how we got connected to be such an integral part of this IJORERE, Thank goodness to Carrie who found us simply by googling “unique exotic invitations” she immediately requested our very own Ola-Tokunbo’s genius expertises! Of course getting to work with Carrie, a former Miss USA pagent and celebrity planner David Tutera was something IJORERE The Invitation HAD to be a part of! ;~)

We’d LOVE your feedback- what was your favorite scene from this wedding? Let us know!
May your day be IJORERE, a day that is GRAND!
Allie Coyle . IJORERE Memoir Writer

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A Night of Liming- The Wedding of Burnetta & Rhet

305_burnettarhet_wWe’re excited to kick off this already chilly Chicago winter with images and a story that is sure to warm your heart! 

Ijorere The Invitation was so excited to be a part of the luxurious wedding of  Burnetta & Rhet which took place in downtown Chicago’s W Hotel this past May. We gave you a sneak peek of this event earlier in the year Burnetta & Rhet's IJORERE, Did you miss the trailer by Carbon14? Well, Check it out! :~)

583_burnettarhet_wShades of brilliant purples and highlights of lime green enhanced the weddings already vibrant atmosphere. Coordinating

IJORERE custom wedding designs– 200 place cards, 20 table cards, 15 different types of signage and 20 custom fabric pocket enclosed thank you cards brilliantly helped set the tone and added dash of personalization for each guest. Our most luxurious signature engraved walnut wooden boxes elegantly placed in satin string pouches were given to fifteen of their closest family and friends who were delighted with their new found treasures.

Celebrated that evening was not just the union of two unbelievably in love souls, but two vibrant cultures. Burnetta’s African-American and Rhet’s Trinidadian cultures fused beautifully and everyone enjoyed the lively and exquisite evening of “liming.” Trinidad’s catch phrase of liming became the theme of the event, and the “Story of the Lime” and “Thanks for Liming with Us” reminded people of this way of life ;  "To hang out and enjoy the company of family and friends".

We hope you enjoy a look at one of this years’ most memorable events!

Wedding & reception : W Hotel Chicago Loop
Bridal attire : Ultimate Bride
Bridal jewelry : Boutique Victoria
Photography : S1 Weddings
Cinematographer : Carbon 14 Films
Catering : W Hotel Chicago Loop
Florist : A Stem Above
Couture papery & wood : IJORERE The Invitation



Story of the Lime
Story of the Lime











Table Cards Gradient Lime Green . Textured silk Cardstock & Bling
Table Cards Gradient Lime Green . Textured silk Cardstock & Bling
Couture Table Cards
Couture Table Cards
5 color escort cards
5 color escort cards
Soft pink. Mauve. Purple. Lavendar & Fuchsia
Soft pink. Mauve. Purple. Lavendar & Fuchsia





I LOVE shots of Love in action!
I LOVE shots of Love in action!
Thanks for Liming with Us...what a beautiful ending!
Thanks for Liming with Us...what a beautiful ending!


A special thanks to Oscar of S1 weddings for sharing these excellent photos of Dr. B & Rhet and Josiah of Carbon Films for amazing cinematography.

May your day be IJORERE,  a day that is GRAND!

Allie Coyle . Ijorere Memoir Writer

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Why we LOVE Rachelle Yakubu

Rachelle gets major kudos for cute & creative photography. Those that have seen her remarkably beautiful yet naturally pure depictions of babies would have almost mistaken her work for the famous Anne Geddes. Indeed perhaps she derives her inspirations from Anne, but Rachelle Is quickly setting herself apart creating her own signature mark featuring adorable multi-ethnic cuties. Of course, this is why we LOVE Rachelle Yakubu. We KNOW that the world is not just black & white but of all mixtures of beautiful babies. If you are in or near the Carolinas’, DEFINITELY visit Rachelle Yakubu and make it a MUST to secure a spot for some baby shots!
Visit the IJORERE suites and view our 7 baby announcements. ALL baby images courtesy of Rachelle Yakubu, of course! :~)