Toksy Likes!

Hello IJORERE Readers!!! I am sure you’ve missed me so much, in fact you probably gave up hope of finding anything fresh and new to read. I am truly apologetic for the tremendous delay. The Grand News is that I FINALLY found someone “Write” to be our IJORERE Memoir “Righter” …am I just silly or what! LOL
Her name is Allie Coyle and Oooh! Does she have some yummy details to share with you all. In the upcoming weeks there will be more activity so please bare with us as we quickly make great efforts to enhance your reading and visual experience.
In the meantime, I stumbled upon one outrageous HOT shot!!! the other day and I just HAD to share this with you all to kick off this Monday morning. When my eyes caught this particular shot, it immediately evoked a feeling of contemporary love & midnight beauty of city life. It seemed as if the night stars were just shining on this beautiful couple. I say enjoy this visual over a cup of Starbucks coffee this morning…I bet you will experience “The feeling”

Collins Metu

When ever you get a chance, DO check out Collin Metu’s splendid photography of live and love.

Toksy definitely LIKES This!