Reviews from Our David Tutera bride

I am absolutely speechless and excited about this! My David Tutera Clients, Carrie Mewha & Ajay Mantha sent a sample of some of the comments received by their guests upon arrival of “The Invitation” .

We got the invitations last night- they are amazing! We’re so tickled with everyone’s responses to them.  I thought you deserved to see them, so here is a small sample:

“I just got your wedding invitation- yeah! Seriously, it is the coolest invite I have ever received!! Very clever and beautifully done.” – one of my bridesmaids in DC

“Holy Moly! Amazing! I don’t want to RSVP because I want to keep that part of the invitation too. Big points to you for originality! I’m going to put my jewels in the box.” – my older sister

“OMG OMG I got your invitation. . . it’s AWESOME!!! Love it!” – bridesmaid in Miami

“Well. . . that’s the most breathtakingly beautiful invitation I’ve ever received. Ever!” – friend in LA

“Woman! I just received your wedding invitation!! It’s so creative and beautiful!!!” – friend in NYC

“Your wedding invitations are hands-down the most beautiful and unique I’ve ever seen! Can’t wait!” – friend in NYC

“The most gorgeous invitation ever just arrived in the mail! Wow- you New Yorkers sure know how to make things look fancy. ” – friend in UK

“You are sooooooooooo freakin fabulous! I just got your wedding invitation!!!!!!!!” – my personal favorite from a friend in Tampa (and she’s married to an NFL player so a pretty high bar for fabulousness!)

“Wow!!! Wow!!! and Wow!!! Just got your wedding invite and it’s absolutely classy, sophisticated, and unique- like you. ” – friend in NYC

“Honestly, best wedding invite ever. A lot of functionality (box use), I like the layered invite (colors, style), and the personalized stamp is really the clincher.” – obviously from a Wall Street analyst friend- ha

“This is ridiculous- you’ve totally put our wedding invitations to shame. I think your invitation might be the best part of our interior design right now too. I honestly don’t even know where I’d find something like this if I were ever creative enough to come up with it. I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less, but these are really stunning. Stephanie and I can’t wait to see you two.” – friends in Charleston