Priscilla & Niyi’s IJORERE

Happy Monday Ijorere Readers! So, I know you have been waiting all weekend of this one…haven't you? Okay, I had tons and I mean tons of photos to enjoy for my viewing pleasure and I quickly noticed there was a theme going on here…Lot's of Kisses! After all the photos I had to sort though, One thing was clear to me. Niyi loves kissing and this was going to be one loving couple kissing each other 4ever 2gether! Enjoy!

here comes the bride
Here comes the Bride!


groom and his boyz
Bow down boyz for your Bride!
back kiss
This is my most favorite Shot. HOT!
"The Dowry". Have you guessed which invitation went with their Ijorere?
Love & sweet, you can see it!

eskimo kissesfinally my prizegroom and brides momgroom and his momhead kisslovethe kiss

all that money

Of course, we've got to show
Of course, I've got to show "The Invitation"

Priscilla & Niyi, thanks for sharing your Ijorere with us. I wish the both of you nothing but the sweetest things in life and a lot of Kissing! 😉

Wedding Teaser Alert!!!

Hello IJORERE Readers! I am so excited to blog on this one as 1 of my closest girlfriend ties the knot in Nigeria. So whom might you ask is this friend of mine? Hmmmmm…Well you’ll just have to sit tight and wait till Monday!. Here is a little insider scoop for ya…there was a lot of kissing going on and I mean A LOT! lol

Enjoy the previews!
dowrygroom bow downhere comes the bride2<

Afro Exotic Suites . Faari Couture Collection

A while back I showcased previews of these beautiful exotic suites. Now enjoy some more visuals for your viewing pleasure!  These were created for a SUPER special celebrity as samples of what we do here at IJORERE The Invitation.  What do you think?…can’t you see  that “Love is in the Details” as Ms. Oprah would say. Enjoy!

AfriCouture Suite
AfriCouture Suite
Green Royalty
Green Royalty
ijinle ni Ore ife . Love is in the Details