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…She is herself an inspiration shining for the rest of the leading ladies in the world, an extremist by Excellency. She is a risk taker, much modern yet staying poetic at heart. Full of life, she is a cosmopolitan woman with a distinctive style, refusing any restrictions or boundaries and holding on to her inner joy for life that glows in everything she does or wears. For her, fashion is a playful art and a way to spread positive energy…

– Basil Soda, Glow Centrik, Story of Summer 07

Dawn Okoro

I don’t even know where to start, how to articulate my thoughts as I study and fixate on her images. This Artist’s play on bold colors, feminism, a world between photography & fine art. It is as though each woman would like to tell me something, show me something, is thinking or in thought of something, I would like to know…she makes me very curious. As I get over this new fix…perhaps I’ll have more to say but for now…let’s admire and see in the eyes of this young artist named, Dawn Okoro





Faari Couture to Shoge Signature Collection

With out sacrificing the sweetness of our Signature look. Ijorere provides alternative suites to our autumn bride. My autumn bride requested for Ijorere’s Faari Couture collection. Her wedding suites consisted of a gold leaf motif with all the warm colors of autumn and gold as her signature color. Ijorere provided her with gold embroider silk folios (keep sakes) used as the invitation enclosures. We also accent the folios with gold leaf pendants (keep sakes) to emphasize her gold leaf motif. The overwhelming response from her guests receiving these beautiful & luxurious wedding suites prompt my bride to move her reception venue. IJORERE Invites Out-did the Venue! Originally to take place at the cute & posh  New Leaf , My autumn bride moved her guests to a BIGGER luxurious Hot spot The Chicago Illuminating Company. With just a little less than a month before the wedding, we quickly came up with alternative & additional invitations due to the venue change. I decided to surprise her with these Chocolate Gate folds enclosures since we didn’t have time to order more Silk folios.

These Chocolate enclosures with flamboyant satin rust colored ribbon, unveiled, reveals my bride’s Oh so beautiful golden invitations. Needless to say, my bride was quite pleased to see her Chocolate Delights.


Custom Yoruba English-Thank U’s

Ijorere most recent project are these beautiful ethnic thank you cards. The antique gold and espresso colors were used for the groom’s side of the family. In Nigerian weddings and/or engagements, it is tradition for the bride to have her own colors to represent her families and friends. The same goes for the groom’s side of the family. It is actually a smart and colorful way to identify whose guests are who. Well…what do you think?

Thank u's


Nothing is as pleasurable to my eyes till I see some cool African Art & Design. I like the unusual, Hate the cliché…and sometimes when I feel as though I have seen it all…here comes THE SEEK PROJECT. This is NOT cliché just real cool African Designs. Their art displays a cool mix of bold graffiti & edgy African art.

I just LOVE seeing Africans like myself doing all the different & creative things we do and doing it well! Check out THE SEEK PROJECT at

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nameless girl

cool kids


African woman

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of Course you Knew I would show an Invitation by TSP…after all this is IJORERE!
The Invitation
Karo, Thanks for putting me up on what’s going on in Naija…It’s Sweet! Real sweet! It’s been a while since I’ve been back home…and now I have yet another reason to pay “home” a visit!