Q. How do you pronoun IJORERE?
A. Easy! IJORERE has 4 Syllabus & pronounced e-jaw-ray-ray, say it again! E-jaw-ray-ray!

Q. What does Aduni, Shoge & Faari Mean?
A.Aduni, Shogé & Faari are old Yoruba words from Nigeria, west Africa.
Aduni(pronounced Ah-do-Knee) means sweetness and is our most affordable line without the sacrifice of quality & creativity.
Shogé (pronounced show-gay) means to show-off and is our most very cleverly creative creation.
Faariis actually spelt Fári in Yoruba with an accent on the “a” elongating the pronunciation. Faari is similar to the meaning of Shogé but rather means to Exhibit or display. Faari is Ijorere’s Luxurious line so it is befitting that our couture line, “The Great Exhibitionist” received the name Faari Couture.

Q. I can’t seem to find examples of the ADUNI collection on your website?
Please view our old & new ADUNI collection under the MEMOIRS sub-menu.

Q. What sort of printing options are available?
A. IJORERE provides; Letterpress printing, Flat printing or Laser printing, Embossing & Engraving options.

Q. Are all your products GREEN?
A. IJORERE prides its self in using vendors & resources that are concerned & provides earth-friendly products using renewable energy. IJORERE papers are made using 100% wind power. IJORERE papers are acid free, Archival, Green Seal Certified, Certified Processed Chlorine Free and recyclable. Ship orders in boxes are used or from recycled material. Embellishments to our hand made pieces are keepsakes to have & to hold 4 Ever!

Q. Running out of time?
A. An additional amount of $250 is applicable for rush orders.

Q. How do you ship?
Typically all shipment are sent as insured priority mailto ensure you receive you suites in perfect condition. For rush orders, packages are sent express mail or next day thru FedEX or UPS. International shipments are automatic sent express for precise & guaranteed delivery thru FedEX. We ship every where within the U.S, Canada & major international countries. Please contact us at info@ijorere.com with additional shipping inquires.

Q. What do you mean by $2000 Mininum order for wedding & event suites?
The total sum of your purchase must equal or be greater than the minimum $2000.00 when purchasing wedding or event stationery. Stationery includes but is not limited to; Invitations, RSVP, map or directions cards, programs, menus, escort, table, place cards etc. There is no minimum required amountfor IjoBaby stationery &/or LOVE Letters, however you must purchase at least a set of 25 IjoBaby cards/products.

Q. Do you have wholesale options for any of your lines?
Yes we do, for LOVE Letters only. Please contact Ola at ola@ijorere.com for details & wholesale price.

Q. What are IJORERE’s preferred form of payments?
We preferred payment thru PayPal. If you do not want to open an account with PayPal, PayPal NOW offers major credit card payments options, simply follow the promptings for credit card payment options thru PayPal. For International customers without PayPal access, we accept Western Union payments. Please contact Ola at ola@ijorere.com for information required to make payments via Western Union.

Q. Does IJORERE have a shop or store location?
We are currently an online business with plans on opening shop in 2012. Our products can be found in upscale boutiques & stationery shops. Please visit Anna Shea’s chocolates & lounge for our LOVE Letters & signature wooden boxes at The Arboretum of South Barrington . 100 W. Higgin Rd. Barrington, Illinois. 60010

Any more ?s’ send us a comment at  info@ijorere.com and we’ll give you an answer!

IJORERE The Invitation, Inc.