Wooden Boxes – IJORERE’s Afro-Exotic Collection

Took me some time but I finally got around to taking some shots of my wood pieces. Imagine opening your mail box only to have this beautifully hand carved wood piece in your possession? And just as you are admiring the beauty guess what’s inside? An IJORERE invitation! These wooden boxes are all natural finishes, no coloring or dyes. IJORERE has a variety of natural wood pieces; cherry, walnut, bird’s eye and more.

Another fabulous thing about the wood pieces are that they are truly for keeps. Present an IJORERE invitation in them and re-use the wooden boxes to collect photos of the wedding, or as a jewelry box and more….The laser engravings of your “grand day” are sure to be remembered for years to come;-)

IJORERE The Invitation to have & to hold 4 Ever!

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What absolute delicious shots to start of the 1st month of May!

Isn’t she just the cutest lil’ “Vintage detail” you have ever seen!!!.

I just had to steal these pics of my friend’s baby girl, Rania.

These photos have inspired me to create some pretty lil’ baby invitations.

So here are the “BEFORE” shots. Stay Tuned for the pretty “AFTERS”! 🙂

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