Exotic Silk boxes for Destination Weddings…

My Destination Bride always dreamed of presenting her IJORERE Invitations in Silk boxes to her guests. IJORERE The Invitation came right to her rescue! creating probably one of my most sexiest looking invitations!.

I find that silk boxes are usually for more formal weddings.I wanted to get away from the cliche boxes that always uses a broach with satin ribbons.I decided that since she insisted of having silk boxes then we needed to create Luxurious custom boxes that looked ‘destination-like’.

These silk boxes are laced in beads of her unique colors, Jasper Blue, Contemporary Pewter and a POP! of tropical Orange. Wait till her guests gets a swift of the boxes because as they open each one of them, We’ve added tropical scents that will surely‘takes them there!…right to my bride’s destination’!…What a statement!

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