Architectural Place Cards

With just a quick moment to blog…yes, I know, I know…it has been awhile, so unlike me… but I have been quite busy hand making wedding invitations for my June & July Brides. Anyway here are truly unique designs of what I would like to call Architectural place cards with an Asian Flair. My friend Maria Vera N., whom also works as an Architect (great designer, I might add!) designed and hand made them for her fall wedding. IJORERE can re-create these same unique designs for you!

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Christiana & Olu’s IJORERE -Part 2

Here’s part two of our favorite IJORERE Couple, Christiana & Olu. Chris & Olu shares their amazingly beautiful engagement photos with us…see how “colorful” their love shows!

Thank you so much Christiana & Olu for sharing your IJORERE with us! Christiana, you look so beautiful and Olu, I am sure, is a very happy Man! Thx guyz, wishing your blessed union everything beautiful and forever laughter.

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