Christiana & Olu’s IJORERE -Part 1

I have been dying to blog on Nigerian weddings. I really would like to showcase the beauty of our colorful traditional attires. So without further ados…

“The Dowry” to the Brides family This has been an ongoing tradition to sweeten the family of the Bride and show that the Groom can in deed provide & care for their daughter. In today terms, this tradition is usually all in fun, and is not necessarily mandatory.

The Groom & Groom’s men comes in to plead for “their Bride”

Family of The Groom comes in to plead for the Bride

Bow down for the Bride Boys!

“And what are you here for Olu?…I am here for my love Christiana!” LOL

“Letter Reading” Intentions for this special gathering

The Brides Family enters…all parties of each family are always colorfully coded, this way everyone knows which side of the family is being represented.

Here comes the Beautiful Bride!

It is traditional to pray for both the Bride & Groom wishing them a “forever happy union”

Finally My Bride after paying the dowry & all the Negotiations!

Joy & Happiness from friends & family

It is very normal to change at least twice, if not more for this occassion.

Party Begins!

The beautiful Couple!

I would like to thank Christiana & Olu for sharing their Ijo Rere with us.Stay tuned to part two ‘The Engagement’ Below is the preview of what is to come! 😉

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IJORERE Chic Cards

They are here! Finally my custom business cards arrived a few days ago. I love them so much, I just had to showcase these unique pieces. I designed and decided on keeping the context on my cards simple, with just my logo ‘which speaks for its self’ on the front side. The flip side has my web & contact info. The text is letter pressed on an enlongated textured cardstock (letter pressing is an ancient form of writing/printing now in vogue for wedding invitations),and of course the colors are my logo colors. I added the reef accents to make them more Afro-exotic, true to my designs. Take a look, what do you think?

A special thank you once again to Carrianne for showing off the details & capturing these beautiful shoots of my cards & Invitations…check out
Anne of did a fabulous job & worked on making my business card design come to life! Thanks ladies, You Rock!

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