Marvelous Start for IJORERE

It has been a marvelous year for IJORERE. IJORERE ‘The Invitation’ made her 1st debut in October and has been in the works since June ’08. Since then she was featured on Luxurious Wedding as the ‘Most Innovative new invitation Designer of 2009’ and has a fan base on facebook of over 350 and counting. Within just 3 months my self (and a couple of extra hands) have created more than 1000 beautifully hand-crafted invitations, cards, & announcements. I am as pleased & excited with the upcoming weddings lined up for summer of 2009.

2009, I await your arrival!

Happy New Year from IJORERE ‘The Invitation’

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“Love is in the Details”

Aahhh, what a day, what a day. Today we had a snow storm. Thus the reality that winter is really here, hits my head like an apple that falls off a tree! IT HURTS.
Anyway, this gives me a little time to blog 😉

I was reading “O” Magazine the other day, subject matter was on 25 years of Ms. Winfrey’s success. She talked about how she started out, still recalling the times she would get on public transit to work and so on. I noticed a few key things in my reading. Her favorite color IS really green, and then she mentioned a statement that is so true to what I do & just LOVE doing. She said “Love IS in the Details”. Here are some wonderful shots of IJORERE Invitations, pay attention to the details and where my ideas are derived from.

I was day dreaming about somewhere in Asia, “Chinese sticks & bamboo trees”.

Below, There Goes that RED DOT I love Again!!

I really love using this font Style, It’s so flamboyant yet Romantic!

I designed the next series below without the slightest idea of where my inspiration came from. I gave my photographer, Carrianne this ‘Gele’ as a back drop for my Invitations and she pin pointed what I was subconsciously thinking of! Which was this beautiful, Shiny & Colorful ‘Gele’ & the floral prints on it!

Hope this was delicious to your eyes:-)

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Asian Pacific – Fusion Wedding

I am so excited to show photos of my friend's Wedding. Here is a prefect example of a fusion wedding.The males wear their tradition Pilipino attires "Barong" and the women wear all American dresses with hints & colors of their rich culture. My dear friend Mina, Marries the Love of her life! Their Story is quite a unique one, one that I have told my friend Mina on numerous occasions to write a book about. A short excerpt on their love:

“Once upon a time in the lands of the Philippines, teenage boy meets teenage girl, they were so in-love and Mina had a baby girl…she moves to America seemly never to see her 1st love again…20 years later he finds his lost love online!…and they discover neither one of them ever married, He reconnects with Mina and their daughter, moves from the Philippines to America and their love is rekindled as they say their vows to never be apart again!..”

Thanks Mina & Cyril for sharing these lovely photos of your "story book love"!

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Indian Weddings

I am quite intrigued by the colorfulness of Indian weddings. Their weddings are very similar to West African weddings. I was present at an Indian wedding and wore my African attire and to their surprise and mine as well, We wore similar materials and accessories. It is interesting to know & discover the similarities of cultures, traditions and fashion. My design inspirations not only comes from my West African background but also from India and Asia. The red dot at the bottom of Ijorere and the red you see on my blog represents my love for the bright red colors that are representative of a married woman from India and wedding colors used in Asian.

In the next few weeks I will be doing a series on Cultural & Traditional weddings!

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