It is interesting watching my lil’ ones. They are so playful and imaginative…must have gotten that from their mama;-) I watch their sense of style, it really is interesting. Wish I could take a picture except that I recently discovered that the lens to my camera is broken…I wondered how that happened? Anyway, you will just have to use your imagination as I describe in writing what I see right now.

Z is in her pink cupcake Pjs wearing her red holiday robe, my brown scarf with beads is tied around her neck, European style…I wondered how she figured how to put it around her neck?…must have been watching me carefully, like she always does. My baby Jade, is in her pink polka dot Pjs..wearing my sea foam colored scarf around her lil’ head…they both are looking out the window at the snow, now coming down heavily…I am in my very modern looking library room, feeling comfortable within the space that I am in right now.

Z is now wearing my cream barrette…she is the “Super Model” in the house, Always with a flirty smile, always camera ready. Jade on the other hand…she is my “Strong lil’ lady”,Always doing her on thing, doesn’t care what you are doing, She is actually “her own Boss”.I do not have to worry about her.

Monday is my day off. I have samples to make, more designs to create and 5 weddings now on the list for next year to plan for…

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Wedding Buggy

I thought this was a cute one. I was online this evening on facebook and notice there is now a wedding site from Naija, called .Their storefront or front page had this picture of a black Volks with a big fat White ribbon, I guess the ‘ole beattle’ is ready to go to the chapel! 🙂

Election Nite

Wow! It has been quite awhile has it not?…Sorry I left this long. I have been so consumed with all the thoughts, dreams & possibilities and Our New Elected President Barack Obama. I have never felt the feeling of so much pride being an American. I am so blessed to attend election night at Grant Park. The feeling was phenomenal, words can not describe the feelings. My camera could not picture the entire scenery of emotions, and energy, and multitude of people of all colors, religions that were present.

I am blessed to have witnessed and feel the love of ‘ONE’ on this night, November 4th 2008