The Beauty of Living in Chicago is in all the Architecture & Design that surrounds me!

Gage Gallery, Aftermath: War is Only Half the Story
Until January 9, 2009

Museum of Science and Industry, Smart Home: Green + Wired
Until January 4, 2009

Thank You

I have received a tremendous amount of support from my fans on facebook, families and friends. And so I wanted to give a special Thanks to you all that continue to patronize and support Ijorere Invites. I find myself trying extra hard to joggle my daily tasks now, as I had no idea I would receive such a grand report in just a short time of launching Ijorere Invites.
Thank God to my design team for helping put together the baby announcements, thanks you cards and invites.

So you might want to know whom my design team are? Juliya Gazman is our newest member. A former co-worker turned friend. She is an incredibly talented Artist whom simply blows my mind with her “pencilmanship” & extreme attention to details. We have joined forces and she will be creating beautiful artwork and drawings for Ijorere Invites…coming soon.

Hyun Jeong Kwon is an Interior/Industrial Designer & beautiful friend, who designed the Ijorere logo. She is simply excellent! and in the next blog episodes you will get to see Ijorere’s logo in the making.

Maria Perfumo another member of Ijorere Invites, is actually my kids nanny! I discovered she has more than a great talent of taking care of my ‘rugrats’ but she also has an eye for Art and incorporates ideas from her country, Argentina. It also helps that she is quite crafty. I use her when ever there are large order of cards and invitations to make.

Maria P. along with Maria Vera N., an Architect & friend, Angie J. an Interior Designer also my friend, are the extra hands that saves my day when needed.

Thanks guys! 🙂